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Linux Certification Resources

Red Hat RHCE

The RHCE Performance-based exam consists of two sections:

  • Troubleshooting and System Maintenance—2.5 hours
  • Installation and Configuration—3.0 hours

It is very important to study the exam objectives from redhat: RHCE and RHCT Exam Preparation Guide

The old RHCE exam, before RHEL3 consisted of 3 components:

I. Debug Exam: 2-4 challenges; 2.5 hours, performance-based (100 pts)
II. Multiple Choice Exam: 40-50 technical questions; 1.0 hour, multi-choice answers
III. Server Install and Network Services Setup Exam: 2.5 hours, performance-based (100 pts)

SAIR Linux GNU Certification

Sair Linux and GNU level I certificates. There are four examinations: Installation & Configuration 101, System Administration 102, Networking 103, and Security, Ethics and Privacy 104. Each test consists of 50 questions. To pass the examination, 74% or 37 out of 50 questions must be answered correctly.

Passing either Installation & Configuration 101 or System Administration 102 will earn the LCP certificate. Passing all four tests will earn the LCA certificate.

Exam preparation can be done in three ways:

  1. You may review the topics listed in the Knowledge Matrix and study specific topics. They also have sample tests of the first four tests.
  2. Purchase the Sair Linux and GNU Installation and Configuration Study Guide (the blue, green, and white book pictured). When combined with experience, this is an effective tool for review, for the Installation and Configuration (3X0-101) test. It can be purchased from a local bookstore, or from an online retailer, such as The Sair Linux and GNU System Administration Study Guide is also available for purchase, we highly recommend this book for the System Administration (3X0-102) test.
  3. Attend a course at an Accredited Center for Education (ACE) using the Sair Linux and GNU training material. You will receive the black binder and CD’s pictured to use in the four day course. To find an ACE near you, <A HREF=””>click here.

Linux Professional Institute – Caldera, SUSE, TurboLinux, LinuxCare

There are currently 2 exams for the first level, 2 exams for the second, and 2 for the third

The major difference of LPI from all of these programs is that we are a completely vendor-neutral, distribution-neutral, non-profit organization that evolved out of the Linux community and focuses solely on setting certification standards.

Linux Certification Articles

Certification Resources

Systemnotes Blog RHCE Articles

Cramsession – Excellent, free, printable study guides “Cramsessions”

Exam Registration

Most exams in the IT industry are around $125 each (except for the practicum exams which vary greatly). Register at either of the following:

RHCE exams are over $700, and are only administered by Red Hat and Red Hat Certified Training Partners. —