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RHCE Study Guide Released



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Software listed on this site is free software; see the source of each program for copying conditions. Please be aware that there is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Linux / Unix

RHCE Study Guide for RHEL 5

The original RHCE study guide for RHEL 5 is no longer available here, but there are additional free study materials.

More info: rhce-guide.html

Shell Scripts

The collection of Shell Scripts are downloadable, as well as readable online in html format.

Check for updates soon…

Also check here:

DOS / Windows / Novell


Batch file name: mcopy.bat

Originally published on Novell Cool Solutions Cool Tools, as “Install NDSAUTO

Copy files to multiple servers listed below, or to a single server name entered from command prompt. More info: mcopy

File (5.18 KiB)


A linear algegra problem that uses multiple computers to find a solution.

More info: matrix

matrix.c Source Code

matrix zip file

File (53.57 KiB)

Misc DOS Batch Files



This is a tone to place at the beginning of an answering machine message in order to make computerized systems think your phone is disconnected, so that telemarketers will stop calling.

More info: Tones

Zip file…
File (82.11 KiB)

It all worked for us at some time, on some machines, and certain OS verisons, but we have not done extensive testing on most items listed here, so use them at your own risk.

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