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RHCE Flash Cards Released

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RHCE Study Guide Removed due to a potential copyright issue

RHCE Study Guide Released



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“RHCE Flash Cards for RHEL5

We now have free flashcards based on linux commands.

RHCE Flash Cards

Download Linux Flashcards

Pauker Flashcard Program

Pauker is a generic flashcard program written in Java. It uses a combination of ultra-shortterm, shortterm, and longterm memory. You can use it to learn all the things you never want to forget, like vocabulary, capitals, important dates, etc.


  1. Download the pauker XML file below.
  2. Run pauker from the Java Webstart link below.

RHCE Flashcards – Pauker (XML file)

File iconRHCE-Flashcards.xml.pau.gz (2.72 KiB)

[ Pauker Java Webstart ]

Download Pauker

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to start and install Pauker via Java Web Start, you can download Pauker here.

Hint: The following link points to a list of mirror servers where you can download Pauker. Please follow this link (left mouse button) instead of downloading just this link.

download Pauker

In case it is not available, there is an .exe file here:

Pauker on

Download iconpauker-1.8.exe (7.89 MiB)

Download Slides Impress

Download iconRHCE-Flash-Cards.odp (1.83 MiB)

MS PowerPoint

Download iconRHCE-Flash-Cards.ppt (269.00 KiB)

Download Condensed Version

4. Adobe Acrobat (condensed version)

File iconRHCE-Flash-Cards.pdf (108.46 KiB)

4. Writer (condensed version)

File iconRHCE-Flash-Cards.odt (28.85 KiB)

RHCE Study Guide for RHEL 5

The original RHCE study guide for RHEL 5 is no longer available here.

We will try to come up with a good study guide, while being careful to avoid any potential copyright isssues. Please be patient…

Meanwhile, check out the latest blog posts on the subject:

Also check out the free RHCE Flash Cards.


RHCE Flash Cards Condensed