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Anti-Adware / Spyware Information

Ad-Aware – check for updates, and run occasionally

Spy Bot Search and Destroy

More adware stuff here:

Peer to Peer

If you must use Peer to Peer file sharing software, try the File Donkey or Bit Torrent protocols. – eMule – Bittorrent

One of the most popular Bit Torrent sites is

If you are afraid of being tracked for using a P2P network, you can block sites by using software such as PeerGuardian –

Use Kazaa Lite, instead of Kazaa – may be hard to find – also check out “supertrick” at this site, if you want to avoid web ads. (alternate site)

h3. Other useful items Windows Update – Use windows update (from start menu, or task bar icon) about once a month to check for updates

Pop Up stoppers are no longer necessary, now that firefox is available Get Firefox!

Pop-Up Stopper
Pop-Up Stopper, Free Version download