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RHCE Flash Cards Released

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RHCE Study Guide Removed due to a potential copyright issue

RHCE Study Guide Released



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Welcome to System Notes

Free information about Linux and Open Source… Notes about Computer systems, and software.

This site is offered in the hope that one System Administrator’s notes will be useful to other sysadmins, power users, and anyone interested in how computer systems work.

Much of the info here may be considered advanced, but there are lots of helpful tips. Remember none of us were born knowing everything there is to know about computers.

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RHCE Study Guide for RHEL 5

The original RHCE study guide is no longer available from this site. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should be able to find other RHCE study materials on this site, including our “RHCE Flashcards”

More info: rhce-guide.html

See Redhat’s RHCE prep_guide

Website Design Updated

Site Update in Progress…

Please bear with us as the site is reorganized, and updated. Some of the links may still be broken, and there are still some old ugly looking pages on the site.

This is a work in progress…


Stuff we use to keep the systems running so well… :-)

The Essential Download Site

A comprehensive, uniquely rich software repository and searchable archive for end users, hosts an immensely flexible database of the Web’s largest index of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and handheld software with related discussions and version announcements. provides searching and filtering capabilities for the more than 304,000 registered users who come to the site looking for specific tools and applications.

Other Systems…

There are many types of systems. There are business systems, investing systems, diet systems, etc. Our main focus is computer operating systems (mostly linux), but we may have other information of interest to anyone who uses a computer. We especially like to deal with advanced topics.

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